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Re: the node and reality


yeah... holy moly

starting with jupiter/chiron/node stellium opposed to the moon/Uranus/south node stellium.
which plane to start on...very strong astral/psychic connection. common dreams and communication thru dreams.
but the intensity may be too much as Uranus is within one degree on the south node and Jupiter exact on the north node.
an amazingly brilliant merging of minds with Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus /node axis. this looks like a work related relationship.chiron gives a uber analytical,forensic mental frame work .intuitive grasp of each other ideas, and I mean complex ideas being transited.
it has very rising executive vibration as well. if within a workplace it bodes sudden and vertical rise thru the relationship.
with chiron/moon/node there is an instant desire to understand each others, not only ideas, but emotional shows brilliance defining underlying dynamics of any situation.
the stellium of Venus/mars/vertex shows a very spontaneous emotional attraction in addition to the intellectual/psychic tension.
this usually gives a strong sexual/emotional tnsion but here it may be subdued as the sun/Saturn midpoint is conjunct to venus.
the emotional attraction might be a distraction if this is a business connection and vertex emotional connections can be difficult to integrate into a "normal" relationship. but with the vertex on the descendant, there is such as sense/feeling of destiny or higher powers involved in this relationship that the emotional/sexual attraction may be a unavoidable.
the eros/psyche midpoint is square to the mercury/sun midpoint which gives a underlying idealism and romantic feeling, especially when speaking from your hearts.
in addition the jun/Jupiter midpointis conjunct to the mercury/sun midpoint so the transitory emotional attraction that eros and psyche can elicit could turn into serious
consideration of a serious long term relationship.
the midpoints of mars/chiron and venus/chiron
are opposed to pluto.this would serve to lessen the emotional potential as subconscious of unconscious impressions might emerge if the relationship becomes very intimate . one may not be prepare to delve so deeply into the emotional dynamics as the other.this pattern suggest depth psychological insights will be touched on. soitis not clear if these levels of awareness can be made initially .
there seem to be a couple of deeper aspects that will temper the "normal" emotional patterns of a romantic relationship.
it seems safer to develop the common professional pursuits before allowing emotional/sexual attraction to arise.
I am still awed by the node aspects.

the moon/Saturn midpoint is opposed to mercury which adds a realism to the mental connection.
though with the strong Uranus/moon energy there may be inconsistencies as part of the relationship wants to advance quickly while another part is much more cautious ... maybe a back and forth thing. though with so much nodal energy this relationship should not be confused with normal inactions.
there is a curious pattern of eris opposed to cupid and square to the Saturn/pluto midpoint. I think this must be considered with the aspect of psyche square to Saturn.
and with nessus square to the vertex.
these aspect generally point it emotional/sexual dynamics of a darker nature or of meshing of pleasure/pain-love/hate dynamics.
the juno/Jupiter etc aspects are more socially normal emotional interactions. But the former patterns tend to show a manipulative or domineering need.that is the emotional fulfillment can be connected to other selfish desires. it just seems that the romantic nature of the relationship will be very ....unusual or difficult.
but still the professional patterns are so very strong, it would behoove you to stay on the professional connection fro awhile.

I went out with this guy and it was like having dinner with my grandpa. He was completely boring and dry!
I've never been on a date with someone more it's not that he didn't talk, he did, but it was all about work and his professional pursuits. No thanks!
Just wanted to give you some feedback on my in person interaction with this guy. Thanks again for your reading
. , thank you for helping! Yeah, he was really dry and stiff. I felt like a co-worker.
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