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Re: the node and reality


hi manderin

the node conjunct the sun in any composite gives a sense of "magic". it can just be a feeling knowing each other or it can lead to feelings of destiny. This give aura to the relationship that if becomes intimate, others can also feel or sense.
mercury is conjunct to venus which shows a very affectionate and humorous is easy to speak of your emotions and there are always good feelings.
the mars/sun and mars/node midpoints are conjunct to Venus and mercury which shows a spontaneous affection. an almost magical emotional feeling as you were meant to know each other.
this needs to qualified because the orcus/mercury and orcus/venus mid[points are conjunct the node . this usually lead to brevity and often thoughts are not completely can give periods of open discussions that for no reason taper off or that a unexpected silence may occur .
this can be very confusing because mercury nd vens are square to Lilith which shows that spontaneous and heartfelt emotions and attraction and self revelations just seem to be part of your mental interactions. so when a unexpected interruption of this flow of feelings, it may wonder what was said that cause the open flow to cease.
pluto is sextile to the sun and these midpoints so I would not think that these interruptions last. Simply not indulging in the silence, but going on to other ideas will unusually bring the original joyous connection back. This pattern doe incline to deep or profound ideas and discussions, even with the almost light joyous ambience.
the moon is biquintile to Jupiter and quintile to pluto so there are some significant difference in how you approach the world. pluto is lnclined to show a difference in the intensity of approaching professional advancement. Often the pursuit of professional advancement will preclude emotional attachments as limitations to free expansion. this pattern tends to show it will be difficult to merge your ideas and action with each other,because the quintile shows an energy of individuality that doesn't compromise very easily.
with the moon opposed to Saturn and sextile to Uranus, in practical matters you both seem to have similar innovative ways. this opposition can be one of devotion but with Saturn at midheaven and moon at the nadir. it can give a feeling of domesticity and complementing personalities .
there, is again an element of professional needs versus relational needs.
frankly there are other aspects that indicate a intimate relationship will be difficult.
the t square of Jupiter square to Uranus opposed to the stellium of juno/Chiron and eris is very unfavorable for a harmonious relationship because of your difference and manner of reaching goals are almost opposite. This is very unstable. this pattern make me think that this is a workplace connection of that you and he have similar professional vocations. eris included can bring great passion but it does not bring intimacy. this might increase the excitement of working and being together but it is not emotionally stable. with the t square of nessus opposed othe pluto/psyche opposition, there is actually slight emotional perversity, that is a curious pleasure in causing unpleasant thoughts or emotions to exist here.
this pattern is extremely selfish or self serving even thought there is a feeling of romantic or idealist connection.
Neptune is square to the vertex . this shows that there have been feeling of a sense destiny. there have been feeling of great spiritual affinity with each other. but generally time will/has shown that these ideas or" dreams" pass with no effect. so it can give disingenuous feelings and words.
the node has been transiting Jupiter since the beginning of the month,so it may be this is a new interest or a new facet to an old shows favorable business and education pursuits but as the node is transit toward a square out the Uranus/Chiron opposition, I see this as a time of separation. again if this is professional then this could show expansion and advancement but if It is emotional then the separative aspects are more likely to rise between you.
the afore mentioned difference between you are more likely to come out in the next few months.

Thanks ! Your insights are invaluable on this forum.
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