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Re: the node and reality

The conjunct of the node and saturn is probably the most complicated as Saturn rules Time and “reality“.The distinction I make is that the node “fixates” reality. But there is a deeper cultural antagonism between these symbols as Saturn conjunct the node can be seen as the primogeniture suppression of the matriarchal base of human life , society and spirit.

I describe the north node as the point of creation of time and existence and the south node as the point of egress of time and the point of accumulation of thought forms,. Then the practical difference in north node transits versus south node transits is the psychic accumulations of the south node tend to bring real power to the individual. The north node tends to bring knowledge an inspiration which can be translated into power and the accumulations of desired matter.

Whereas the south node transits bring power of thedense plane directly. As both are of the same element ,both bring inspiration and knowledge but once time begins the desires of the body are inundated by coarser more “real” forms of energy under the south node tan the north node.
So basically north node transits can be more intellectual/ spiritual whereas south node transits bring tension and psychic power dynamics into play. But both affect “reality”.
The south node can bring confusion if the individual cannot integrate the forces that come through them. The south node can bring megalomania whereas the north node can bring flights of illusion.
Traditionally the north node is of the nature of Jupiter and the south node is of the nature of Saturn and this does generally holds true.

Node transits to Saturn highlight the difference in the north and south node.
South node conjunct Saturn often show material wealth.usually from the gives a stubborn and controlling personality and the father is likely the major influence in this person life. Often a person is over shadowed by the father with this placement and can harbor a womans chart especially ,this is an intial sign of sexual abuse, thought other aspects can make this definitive such as Pluto square to saturn or Pluto square the sun, actually Pluto square venus or mars also makes the sexual abuse likely.this placement brings a “magic” or altered state to the natives sense of reality . this can be because of financial or material advantage, but it can also show that coincidence play a big part I lifes experience. As the node is lunar in nature ,often such a placement in a man’s chart shows a domineering nature toward women. This placement shows a self sufficient attitude that often is accompanied by selfishness and insensitivity.
Adding the concept of magic, this placement is similar to the devil card as passions and selfishness are paramount. This is the placement of the occultist and can show the application of occult principles on the astral to control and influence others.
Afflicted this placement shows ill fortune because of selfishness and desires. It can bring economic problems throughout life and and inability to take advantage of opportunities .often hardship in early life give such a native an eternal”chip” on their shoulder.
Here the key is to not be greedy. The image is to catch power of the south node with open hands. That is do not try to catch all that come to one. This greed of wanting to control everything and retain everything leads to collapse as no mortal can contain the infinite.

The north node conjunct to Saturn often lessens the rigid ego structure that Saturn symbolizes. Insome ways the ego structure is dissolved and the native can embrace a
“spiritual “perspective . This can bring a sense of insecurity .This brings also indications of wealth ad in a woman’s chart the likelihood of sexual abuse for the same reasons as the south node placement.

Here the sense of magic and coincidence is less burdening as the environment does not “crush’ the native as strongly as when the south node is conjunct. The influence of the father is strong and usually has a dominating affect on the personality development .with hard aspect to mars, this placement can also result in stubbornness ad selfishness but always there is a insecurity as the transient nature of reality is felt much stronger than with a south node placement.
This placement also gives synchronistic events throughout life.
Both placements with Saturn and the nodes can give unusual physical symptoms. Sometimes negative sometimes positive. both placement are very “magnetic” to karmic or psycho kinetic influences.
I know of one native with a Saturn/south node conjunction who always would end up pits in her cherry pie or similar particles when she dined out. I have personally never bit into a pit but this occurred repeatedly in her case. on the flip side she had an uncanny ability to always arrive at a public destination moments before a crowd of people would arrive.
This is totally anecdotal but it serves to illustrate the quirky nature that reality can have with nodal/Saturn placements.
The distinction between south and north node transits is somewhat arbitrary as either placement can result in exalted or malicious examples. And either placement can give rise to opposite effects This is why I emphasize that each individual must research how the node affects them.
And as usual the aspects to Saturn can complicate the manifestation that occur

The node conjunct to venus in the natal gives a attractive emotional and physical presence(though a strong Saturn placement can harden the physical attributes). The emotional aura is very strong and this native will be felt psychically by others. This can bring great creativity and prophecy. Intuitions are very good but the desire body can distort the intuition. love and opportunity come to this native but as the sexual aura is present from birth, this placement very often show sexual abuse .if the native also has hard Saturn/Pluto/Chiron/nessus aspect then sexual abuse is a given. if abuse starts very young then likely the native will not have any memory, so it is very delicate interpretation to make.
Often, especially with the south node transiting, a native will draw many suitors but many arguments and jealousies will occur.

The nodal axis can bring out both the good and bad in any symbol.
This tends to bring material luck and gain with many friends. but even with a bright façade this transit can burden the native with “emotional demons” and when afflicted can show a hateful ad vindictive personality under the attractive countenance .often the native will put out love and get hate in return.

Mars conjunct the nodal axis gives a powerful charisma or “magic” around them. the individuals aura is felt by all around.
This aspect gives an inherent “luck” of direction. That is ,if the individual is not overly bound by ego desires, then their spontaneous actions and responses are usually correct. It gives an “intuitive” sense of what their “path” in life is. But if the native has selfish motivations then this favorable vibration goes out the window. this aspect gives a magnetic quality to he native and are usually very attractive whether the physical body is “attractive” or not. This affect is similar to what athletes call being in the “zone”. If one can stay in the moment and not “think “ too much then the expectations and desires tend to follow.
the nodal axis gives a strong sexual aura also. And in a woman’s chart sexual abuse can be problem. With both mars and Venus, the sexual aura is very powerful from birth and hence sexually abuse experiences are very likely. On the positive side I usually is associated with a strong sexual drive but is not aggressive unless mars is afflicted. This mars aspect is closely associated with the 25th hexagram in the I CHING.
As a personally magnetic aspect, negative forces as well as positive forces can be directed a the native, as others may react if the native does not respond o their entreaties .
With a north node transit ,the native has an easier time following their “path”, as they intuitively take the correct turns.
A south node transit is more powerful and difficult because the dense plane is attracted to this aspect very strongly. The individual is more likely to allow his ego desires to take precedence over higher motivations. here the sense of personal strength is stronger as the environment is more easily molded and controlled by the native. This is one aspect of a black magician, where the individual seeks power and control over others. With this aspect a native tries to control all that comes to him, which is a fool errand ,as no mortal can contain the infinite energy of the universe that flows through the nodal axis .if the native can receive the infinite with open hands ,then the dense plane accumulations will not bury them. But very often this has to be learned by being overwhelmed by the nodal energy and falling from “grace” and success because of greed and selfishness.
This holds true for all nodal transits of the planet. That is , trying to contain or control all the energy of the south node will ultimately bring disaster . the correct image is to keep that which comes through your open hands but not to try to contain everything. The south node often bring a sense of megalomania to the native before hey learn their limitations
The north node transit does no usually bring this trial as it tends to bring truth ,insight ,knowledge and inspiration. Though such knowledge can bring the dense plane around them and so the same trials as the south node can be present. the distinctions between the north and south node are not absolute as it is the same energy axis and therefore the conditions described can be felt by either north or south node transits.

Jupiter conjunct the nodal axis gives intelligence and great understanding. With the north node it give noble morals and intuitive and inspired knowledge of the larger patterns of society. it brings innate teaching abilities and friends are drawn to the native for counseling and understanding. it tends to show a close connection to the grandparents and usually bring educational or financial success,
This position brings out the spiritual and religious feeling I a native and they usually are very just .

the node is also the path that enlightened spirits come to guide and instruct.
rahu The south node conjunct Jupiter tends toward accretion of power and the naïve can become very authoritarian. Obsession with money and power can follow and tyrannical a personality can develop if the personality structure is greedy and selfish. rather than being just , this position can show the native to be only interested In personal gain.and instead of trustworthy the power drawn by the south node can manifest as deception and lying.
Afflict this is a very aggressive and combative aspect. Megalomania can develop and any signs or impartiality can disappear .
with other indications in a chart ,this can show abuse by authority figures or aunts, uncles , grandparents or family friends.

whenever the node is conjunct a planet , the potential for the native’s personality being overwhelmed by the astral energies is present
with the nodal axis conjunct Jupiter , the native can become a beacon of light and understanding or an despotic , ruthless tyrant. The magic of the node can be good or evil.
All node conjunctions bring the danger of forces from the nether realms trying to take control of the naïve yet it is also the pathway enlighten spirits use to bring illlumination.

Uranus conjunct the nodal axis gives direct access to the astral plane. This shows astral projection , vivid dreaming ,out of the body experiences , prophetic dreams and access to the akashic records. when favorable the native can see time as a ribbon . It give a potential of intellectual and creative genius and gives a reformative personality. It gives intelligence and foresightedness. It gives the potential for scientific and mathematical brilliance. but if the energy of the nodal axis overwhelms the native erratic and unstable efforts can result. Especially with the south node, this can bring “insanity”. it is rare that this conjunction does not at some point subject a person to influences that put them so far out of the social norm that they are characterized as “crazy”, as genius and insanity are but flip sides of the same two edged sword.
The problem here is the same with trying to contain all the cosmic energy that runs through the node. one must be able to integrate the astral input and let go of that which is beyond comprehension, but often the desire body identifies with the cosmic energies and loses sight that they are but a vessel. Insanity descends when the native identifies with the energy.

This position gives the potential for all forms of psychic phenomenon. Clairvoyance, astral projection and interchanges with other entities on the astral plane.
This brings spontaneous states of altered consciousness and this can turn to volatility and instability of the mind..The influx of the infinite will cause a rigid ego to explode while a expansive worldview brings great success. If this aspect occurs with an afflicted Saturn then the native will likely develop some form of bipolar personality disorder. And this aspect can destroy a natives life with continual mental instability.
Discipline in early life is imperative, as the rebellious nature this aspect brings must be channeled constructively, else an early death thru accidents or impulsive behavior can result, or a life of disruption and chaos can ensue.
With Saturn square the node/Uranus conjunction, the natives life will continually be abruptly changed by circumstances beyond them this aspect is associated with accidents. And in any case the native’s life will change in abrupt steps, either for the good or bad. These changes will occur every 4-5 years, especially in youth.
This aspect is associated with the great reformer, the radical anarchist, the brilliant scientist or all seeing occultist.

Neptune is the only symbol that as no physical correspondent. It is symbolic of the plane of archetypes., the primordial thoughts and ideas that give rise to reality. It is the content of dreams, visions and illusion .it is the impulse of morality , the awareness of the sacredness of life, or the abuse of life.
On the psychological plane It is creativity and beliefs .it gives the power of transcendent sight, though afflicted it bring delusion, self destruction and malice.depending on the aspects the node with Neptune can give artistic abilities and as a pervasive psychic influence it can give the ability to influence other’s preference hence it is excellent for marketing and sales.

With he nodal axis , it brings connection to the spirit planes and influences both divine and decadent. here visions become real and malicious intent can become all consuming. with the south node particularly,

drugs and alcohol can dominate the consciousness, though the powers of natural healing substances also have great strength with this placement. Altered consciousness and waking visions can confuse the naïve. He native is open to interactions with the higher planes .it can bring cosmic consciousness or the most malevolent intrusion of selfish and evil spirits. with Saturn square to neptune, the native often has terrifying dreams and nightmares.
Neptune with the nodal axis bring psychic abilities and allows the native to be influenced or influence other from the astral plane.
The nodal axis can serves as the pathway that malicious adepts use to control and enslave. Everyone has a connection to the astral plane as it is the pathway that the soul uses to pass through incarnations. yet the astral plane is also the path that souls in the body use to influence and communicate with each other. The attitudes one has in the waking state are the same that one has on the astral plane. hence the selfish, deceiving and manipulative adepts on earth can use these pathways to further their plots of domination on the astral.
As Neptune is the symbol of spiritual viewpoints and attitudes, with the node can give the impulses of saints or the schemes of the religious extremist.
Occult forces have from time immemorial controlled the face of civilization. The “enlightenment “ ,from the 16century on, has been a ruse to conceal the magical machination of society. As your conscious mind and personality are reflections of your immortal soul, the “enlightenment” has served to erase these magical dynamics from the personality of “modern” men and women. If one cannot conceptualize the power of the astral plane, then one can not consciously use these abilities. Nor can one see these occult forces manipulating society.

Pluto with the nodal axis (and orcus to a similar degree), on the psychological plane gives great selfishness. but it is also an aspect of a “survivor”, an individual who will employ any means necessary to survive. But the selfishness so colors the personality that usually this placement ends up causing the native to “shoot” themselves in the foot.
This placement also shows that past life influences are directly affecting the native. This gives great power to an enlightened native as past lives can give ability and insights far broader than could be gained from a single lifetime of experiences .it gives healing powers but most often the natïve faces sudden and major disease that force the healing energies to manifest . with sextiles to Neptune strong psychic healing powers are present. in the unenlightened, it gives malicious joy in death and brutality . the psychic power is strong and the native spontaneously travels on the astral. But if they have a crude personality, they only cause themselves problems because the can gain enemies because of their selfishness presence in other’s dreams. Often this placement gives prophetic dreams but usually involving the occurrence of death of those around them.
With venus square Pluto in a man’s chart, often girl friends will die early in his life. In a woman’s chart, usually a sister or friend is lost early in her life.
Probably no other nodal conjunction has so much promise for good or such a potential for evil.
This is because the desire body spontaneously travels on the astral and base desires try to influence others. This is usually an unconsciously experience but the affects can never the less bring repercussions in to reality
The sexual nature is very strong but the capacity for love is often absent in the unenlightened. Usually love can only manifest in its higher form as a love of god or of humanity in a general sense as the carnal passions are difficult to control on the personal level, as this placemen is prone to domineering and controlling, abusive emotional interactions.

Chiron with the nodal axis I quite powerful. The full potential of chiron is not addressed In modern astrological texts.emphasis is place on the “wounded healer” concept which , it is true is major psychological dynamic. But overlooked in the myth is that chiron was taught all manner of arts ,medicine, and astrology by Apollo.
Chirons orbit reaches from just inside Saturn to nearly the orbit of Uranus. Saturn is the Adept with his rings being the doors to the occult realities. Uranus is the pathway all knowledge, occult and deductive. Uranus and Saturn form one of the most powerful dialectics in astrology and Chiron is the key to the resolution of these mysteries.

Chiron with the node brings access and application of the occult principles to reality. It gives great intelligence ,psychic awareness and insights to the real dynamics of the material plane. With the nodal access, there is an interest in secret or ritual societies as well as control of the powers that rule society and reality .often mason,kiwanis,moose lodge or cabbalist etc. can have a strong Chiron.
It is analytical and critical but bound by the absolute laws. Chiron was conjunct the node when the stock market crash of 1929 occurred, showing the manipulations that continue to our day. It is the application of occult principles to control reality. As the go between of Saturn and Uranus, Chiron gravitates to knowing the unknowable. And hence often is associated with applied magic.
Psychologically it give an analytical frame of mind that expects coherence of thoughts and action. But it tolerates no contradiction and will cut the leg from under a charlatan or fool with a few incisive words as Chiron has no tact when truth is not observed . a north note association is marked by intelligence and psychic certainty, with the south node, Chiron seeks to control and accumulate and govern of regulate..
Chiron with the node and Jupiter is often found in covert or governmental /corporate agencies as the use of black magic is endemic in these social structures. With Saturn and the node In hard aspects, Chiron can bring sexual exploitation and incest, though these behaviors can be cloaked by philosophic and moral obfuscation.
Psychologically Chiron gives a eccentric sexual impulse and often same sex relationships have prominent chirons. It tends to increase the sexual potency already present in a chart
Intellectually it gives a analytical mind and can be associated with excellent memory abilities, what are called photographic memories.
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