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Re: When will I get married?

Originally Posted by acmicasa View Post
It seems I am going to have late marriage or no marriage. I am getting proposals but I am looking for a compatible partner. When will I find a compatible partner and get married. Currently running Saturn MD.

2 Feb 1986
00:22 Hours
Khaga, Fatehpur
How sure you are about the birth time... i tried to tally it with ruling planet method and it was showing that the birth time is not accurate. According to me the birth time is coming as 1.22 am.. It is quite possible that accidentally it might have written as 12 am rather than 1 am.. how I derived it... by applying ruling moon's planet method and confirm it with rule of origin method.

Moon's ruling planet @5.32 pm, 28th May 2018, birmingham, alabama, united states.

Moon signlord - mars
moon starlord - saturn
moon sublord - mercury

Given Birth time - 02nd Feb, 1986 @0.22 am, place - Khaga, Fatehpur, Uttar Pardesh.

lagna signlord - Venus
lagna starlord - rahu
lagna sublord - venus

Level 1
Lagna Signlord - Venus
Ruling Moon Signlord - Mars

Either Venus nor Mars are appearing as sign, star, sub in each other. As well as there is no connection via third planet also. So we need to rectify it on Sign level.

If one goes through the sublord table's and move the clock ahead, ascendant/lagna changes from libra to scorpio @1.22 am

@1.22 am ascendant/lagna will fall in scorpia in visakha star.
Lagna Signlord - Mars
Lagna Starlord - Jupiter
Lagna Sublord - Moon

Level 1
Lagna Signlord - Mars
Moon Signlord - Mars
Lagna and Moon Signlord are connected now as Mars is signlord of both.

Level 2
Lagna Starlord - Jupiter
Moon Starlord - Saturn
As per 1.22 am, Jupiter is in Aquarius sign. Aquarius signlord is Saturn. Hence Jupiter is connected with Saturn.
So level 2 is correct.

Level 3
Lagna Sublord - Moon
Moon Sublord - Mercury
Both Moon and Mercury are very well connected as Moon is appearing as starlord of Mercury and Mercury is appearing as sublord of Moon.
Level 3 is also correct.

Rule of Origin - To confirm that the recitified birth time is indeed correct.
1. The rectified Lagna Starlord is appearing as the 9th Starlord or sublord

2. The rectified Lagna sublord is appearing as the 9th Starlord or sublord

3. The rectified lagna starlord or sublord is linked to the 9th starlord or sublord through a third planet only.

Rectified lagna starlord that is Jupiter is appearing as 9th cuspal starlord.

If you can confirm few major events of your life, then we can tally it with the rectified time or the actual given birth time.

Only after that we can proceed with marriage related predictions.
Kiran Mahyavanshi
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