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Re: When will I be out of debt?

Hello Aquarius7000.

No worries about the delay, I really appreciate your help with my chart and question

That's interesting observations and definitely ring true to me. I guess Saturn naturally slows things down, so paying off my debts will take some time. Jupiter in the 8th, could that also point to sudden gains? I don't normally spend too much, but yeah, income usually is either very comfortable or a bit dry.

Thank you so much for looking into the transits as well, that will be very important for me. I'm definitely ok with and take it seriously that paying off my student loans will take some time and I'm willing to work hard for it. However, they have to be some agreements made with the banks to ease the overall burden.. So, possible agreements attempts will be on the horizon, I think. I would really appreciate if you could take a look at the transits to see how that will play out. I'm not very good at interpreting the transits, so this would be a HUGE help.

Thank you so much, Aquarius. It means a lot!
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