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Re: Tropical Placidus Natal Chart


Sorry about the delay, Pisces.

So, let us look at your natal chart first.

Your 2nd house (personal income and possessions) ruler is the Moon due to Cancer ruling it. The Moon is excellently placed in Taurus (elevated Moon) and in the 11th house of universe's blessings. The 11th house is one of the most positive houses in the chart.

The Moon, however, is a bit challenged with those aspects from the outer planets, Pluto and Neptune. With Pluto opposing the Moon, it could be that you go through extremes of having comfortable money and then having a really 'dry' period. It is never a bad idea to save for a rainy day, but you need to do it all the more with that constellation. Also, you have Moon and Jupiter, which could mean that you might go overboard with the spending part sometimes. We also need to look at Venus when we look at money. Your Venus, though in the lovely 11th house, is not well-placed in Aries and connected to Mars (a malefic).

The subject of debt or one's financial obligations, in particular, belongs to the 8th house. You have Jupiter in the eight house, which means that getting a loan for you is fairly easy. However, with the ruler, Saturn, in the 6th (you took it for studies) and in Scorpio, it could mean that you will need to work hard to clear your debt off.

I will come back and look at your transits and progressions to see what is happening now. Just post on this thread, so it gets bumped up in my list of subscriptions.

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