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Originally Posted by Domna View Post
There is a reason I used the word 'people' instead of the word 'you'. This answer wasn't directed only at you. My point is that you (none of you) were in my head when I was a child. I was bullied for ten years and it took another ten years before I could look in a mirror and like what I saw, before I could feel comfortable in my own body. The bullying I suffered may not have destroyed all of me, but it definitely destroyed my self-esteem for a good long while. Having those 20 years minimized hurts. Does it matter whose pain was worse? Is there a point in trying to compare abuse and see who was more destroyed by it? That's not why we're here, is it?
Your comment was directed at me, it was only my quote you replied to.

Nevertheless, my point still stands, using tennis balls as an analogy, that it is hard to put a stop to bullying when you canít see the weapons. So not all bullying can be dealt with by simply catching the balls, so how are you meant to stop it? You donít seem interested in the point I was making, but just want to reiterate your own experience. This is a one sided conversation.

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