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Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
Bullying can be done by adults too, although abuse canít be done by children. This is a thread where people have shared their experiences if being bullied by adults so I donít understand why you are choosing to make that distinction with just me and what it has got to do with what I said.

ĎI think we are all aware,í it is condescending. The reason I said it is because having tennis balls being thrown at you will not destroy your self esteem but darker, deeper bullying can.

Also, because the distinction between bullying and abuse can overlap, people are sharing both. Not all bullying will destroy your self esteem.
Well Uk,

One thing I do know from my past with you, is that I like you. So since the transits of everything are messing with 3 planets and my asc at 24-25 degrees, hey, it could be me😄.

Later uk, I want no issue with you my friend.
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