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Re: Bullying

Originally Posted by Domna View Post
In my experience that is not always the case. In at least a few cases I've stopped verbal abuse by not backing down from my abuser, either by treating their abuse as a joke and turning the laugh on them or by having a good enough comeback that they were silenced. A lot of the time the bully wants to feel powerful, as if they have power over you... If you don't give them any power that alone can put a stop to the bullying.

I can also remember one instance of physical abuse that I managed to stop by taking a stand. A gang of bullies wanted to intimidate and hurt me by throwing tennis balls really hard at me. When instead of cowering I actually caught the balls, that seemed to snap them out of the mindset of bullying. I guess it wasn't fun if I wasn't scared.

Now, abuse is never the victim's fault, let me make that clear. But in certain circumstances there are things you can do to make yourself less of a victim.
It sounds like these bullies weren't very good at bullying which is why you were successful. But there are lots out there who will always find a way to keep you as the focus for ppl to hate. Eg; if i used your example with my MIL she would immediately play the victim, convince everyone (her large group of supporters) you hit her and then send that large group on you. You wouldnt stand a chance with her and she would exhaust you until you give up and walk away.
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