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Originally Posted by Abby83 View Post
FYI standing your ground doesnt work with abusers, if by standing your ground you mean standing up to them.
FYI, I was bullied quite a bit in my youth. My parents moved once or twice a year. I went to 12 grades and 13 schools. Being the new kid, you are susceptible to bullying by the homeyís. What worked in my favour, was being good at school, and excelling in sports. I am very experienced in being bullied.

I agree with Domna, sometimes you can change from being abused. There are those that canít, sadly, for them I wish them interior strength to get over the abuses they suffered or suffer. Sometimes getting away from the abuser(s) work. But, some become eternal victims. Victimized and proving that they are victims forever. A lot of them victimize others, and blame it on their victim. They donít see that they perpetuate the situation.
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