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Re: Bullying

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
Yeah, perhaps it doesn't work for me.

Neptune is no innocent lamb either in my eyes. It could do away with boundaries, but on the down side, it can make one lose the ground from under one's feet and simply build castles in the air. Two sides to every coin.

Even Jup's exaggeration - can make one overdo things. Nothing is only good.
I agree with this.

Im going to use my MIL's chart again as an example. Her chart clearly shows that men (mars and sun in pisces) are absolutely thrilled and allured by her charms (she is venus in pisces). She puts on the fake charm as an act whenever she wants a man to do something that will harm a woman in a hidden way so that the men dont realise they're harming at all. She also plays the victim to get what she wants from men which is a classic piscean and 12th house and neptune trait. When it comes to women she's the exact opposite. She's the meanest cruelest person to women i've ever seen - once again, with the help of the men in her life. In no way will she directly harm ppl which is a mars energy. She finds hidden and even energetic ways to hypnotize situations in her favour. I guess this is what happens when a female is raised to believe that in order to get anywhere in life, one must win the man over and attack the competition of other females out there. This is why i love god so much. An abuser cant fool god. She cant win god over with her charms. He sees what she is doing. And everytime i have prayed to god to punish those who have harmed me my prayers have come true.

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