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Re: My birthday!

Happy birthday

You have mercury conjunct neptune in pisces. Mercury is in detriment in this sign and neptune is in domicile in pisces. This shows you can tune in to the unconscious part of your mind, high intuition, creativity and a strong imagination/visualization.
However, mercury is at it's lowest potency and is very much afflicted by neptune, which can cause some issues with communicating clearly and nebulous, foggy reasoning.
These placements, being placed on the midheaven might indicate that you have natural dispositions to careers involving the arts, psychology, acting, anything spiritual

The moon-mercury aspect points to conflict and tension between the heart and the mind. Your chart ruler is your Virgo moon, and since mercury is afflicted, your moon weighs more in this polarity.

A 7H stellium can cause alot of focus on your partnerships (friendships, romantinc relationships, business/work associates). Your 7H ruler, Saturn, here can give you a mature, serious and commited atittude in your personal relationships (I usually hear that saturn here can cause marriage delay).
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