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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Heidy, I don't know of any rules that state this. Agreed, a chart must be radical to be judged, and in fact, there are very specific rules for this.
Not every silly question should be asked, and the same question should not be asked more than once.
In addition, the answer to a horary question cannot overturn what is in a person's natal chart. If the natal chart indicates money hardships, the horary itself cannot promise this.
When a question is asked, if we see something in the chart that was not asked, we shouldn't bring it up unless the questioner indicates they want to know something about it.
A passage in Derek Appleby's book "Horary Astrology" discusses the idea of inappropriate questions as follows, "If you have no right to judge a certain question, its resolution will be denied you through the chart itself. The only restriction to judgement is one's own sensibility and the actual horary figure."
I agree completely with this philosophy, the horary is self-validating.
So, coming back to our discussion, I was surprised by your complete, net, refusal to consider the chart. It's your choice to do so and no one denies it to you, but because you are citing horary rules that you are following to refuse it, I really would like to know your sources. Maybe I am wrong in my belief, and you can help me learn something new.
I really cannot understand what more do you need. You already answered your questions.

Read the principles of Horary. If you are quoting chunks of horary passages that you do not use or you can't get a complete grasp on, I am afraid I cannot add anything else.

First rule of every chart is if the question is frivolous or not. Any question that deems to be answered by the chart will be answered, otherwise the chart will be denied. Following my last points, it's easily understandable that what's none of your business is to be denied. Like lottery numbers, who killed the latest victim the NY police has on file and what does your ex do.
If you are still reading pointless charts that deny you an answer because you shouldn't ask and you're still erecting those charts, well good for you. But don't be suprised if others don't. And don't ask for clarification.

As a secondary point, regardless of what the natal chart promises, yada yada yada, the horary chart cannot delineate your entirr life, it's a very specific type of prediction that should be used in conjunction with profections, solar returns. But this is not what we are discussing here.

And if you really need sources, read Bonatti. It's crystal clear reading.

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