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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Moon void of course would normally invalidate this chart, but with moon exalted in taurus, it could simply indicate that no, he is no longer with the ex, the matter does not exist.
Mars is in mutual reception with Saturn in the 4th and ruling the 4th, confirming they are no longer together.
Venus in the 7th, mar's house, and in detriment shows that the querent cares more than he does and is in a weak position, and while it is true that she is approaching a sextile to mars, before this happens mars opposes Jupiter, who is in the terms and face of Saturn, ruler of the end of the matter.
Careful, she didn't ask if she would be back together with him, so this chart only refers to him and an ex of his.
Yes, thatís a great point. Totally understand this chart only speaks to her question and not necessarily anything further. Of course, Saturn in the 4th is something Iíd overlooked. So much info Iím still trying to retain, which is why the feedback in these posts is so great when trying to apply what Iíve read. Thank you for taking time to help!
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