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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
We should differentiate between "can" and "should".
Any question can be asked in horary.
Do you want to answer it? Maybe not, but not everyone might agree with your position.
It could be a question of ethics, which sounds like the position you are taking. Is it correct to ask about another person's life? Maybe yes, maybe no.
If a horary asks, What is the best time to rob Alice's house?, you probably won't read the chart on ethical grounds.
If someone asks, "Will she divorce and marry me?, it involves in reality a third party (her husband) but you would probably read it.
In the case of this chart, the question seems to be "is he free sentimentally, so I might have a relationship with him?.
I think you should really rethink this. And while you do that, imagine a world where every astrologer would be a lottery winner because he already delineated the winning numbers for the next season. And this is not allowed. Because you are not allowed to see this. Allowed, alright ?
Now re-read about what i wrote about things that INVOLVE YOU. You'll get it.
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