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Third party significator & VOC Moon

I’ll give the usual disclaimer of being very new to this with a lot to learn, but still trying!

Curious about the moon being VOC when this chart was cast. Does this play a larger role in reaching an answer with this particular chart/question? Querent is asking if an ex is still seeing someone he was casually dating a few months ago, so I’m also confused as to assigning significators when a third party is involved.

L1: Venus, Moon
L7: Mars, Sun - Mars only represents ex, or actually represents the relationship? Or third party/relationship represented by another planet?

- Venus in detriment in Aries/7th and received by Mars
- Moon exalted in Taurus/8th and received by Venus (not sure if this reception is even relevant, since they’re both the querent’s significators?)
- Mars in Gemini/9th
- Sun in Taurus/8th and received by Venus

Only applying aspect seems to be a sextile between Venus and Mars, unless there’s an additional significator to also consider for third party/relationship?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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