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Originally Posted by heidy26 View Post
Traditionally, checking if a chart is radical or not is a requirement and not an option. If the chart is not radical, the question is not something that should be looked into (for various reasons from it's none of your business till there is no real interest in it). Asking what does your ex do in the bedroom and with who is an example of 'none of your business' or asking about a guy you saw at the coffee shop for 2 minutes really screams no interest and so on.
If you read ancient texts and follow the rules as they are, radicality being the most important check - not a warning (warnings are a different thing), you will get why and how it works.

Modern astrology bends the rules, but astrology goes back 2000 years or more and the rules are there for a reason.
Makes sense ?
Will be reading up on this subject now and appreciate the reply. Thank you!
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