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Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Its good that you are making an good effort to learn horary... well done. Even people who have been here many years, still can't read charts or they read them incorrectly.

We need to look at receptions, is he interested? Mercury in sign of Jupiter, you. Yes he does like you. So that makes it easier for us to assume if you write to him, he will be less likely to reject. Is there an aspect? Yes Moon here is closely conjunct Venus exalted benefic... then goes to Mercury - there is contact.

But what I am wondering why Jupiter is in detriment of Mercury and so is Moon? Moon exalts Venus. Its like you are more focused on romance than him in particular... perhaps there is more backstory to this? Mer is also conjunct Neptune, which suggests he is a bit confused in life and not very expressive.

I've answered your questions above in Bold. Hope this helps!

This is great info, so thank you! I really do want to gain an understanding of horary and the feedback in these posts are a huge help in clarifying what Iíve read

Jupiter and Moon being in detriment of Mercury is interesting. Could it actually relate to feelings of both love and hurt? Serious, long-term relationship ended a couple of months ago and although he hurt me badly, I really do still love and miss him. Iíve forgiven him in my heart and wish we could at least be on friendly terms, because this unresolved conflict with someone so important in my life for the last 12 years weighs heavily. Just having a hard time figuring out how heíd even receive contact, since heís stubborn and I also assume he could still be in defense mode.

Conjunction between Mercury and Neptune makes so much sense. This grace and forgiveness I have toward him is due to my belief that heís been going through a confusing period and struggles to express those feelings. I was pretty confused by some things I came across in researching the Moon, so Iíll definitely read up on Lillyís Aphorisms. Saturn was also throwing me for a loop. Your notes on this are really helpful, because I didnít realize there was a possibility it could represent anything other than negative here.

Can you point me toward a good place to start in understanding future aspects? When it comes to a communication chart showing contact should be made, Iím assuming this is how one would determine a favorable time to do so. This subject might be something simple that Iím just totally missing lol, but I havenít gotten a grasp of it yet!

Thanks again
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