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Re: Needing guidance (Amateur attempt at reading my chart!)

Originally Posted by Dmarie11 View Post
After posting a couple of other charts, I received a lot of helpful info to study when it comes to the limited understanding I have as a (very new!) beginner. I’m giving it a go here, sharing the few bits I’ve tried to sort out.... which are only the basics so far lol. Hopefully you can make any corrections and provide insight when it comes to the many things I haven’t been able grasp yet! Thanks

Should I contact my ex?

L1: Jupiter, Moon, Venus
L7: Mercury, Sun

- Jupiter in domicile of Sagittarius
- Moon in Pisces, Venus exalted in Pisces and Mercury in its detriment fall in Pisces (L3/communication, ruled by Jupiter)
- Sun exalted in Aries (L4, ruled by Mars)

- Moon conjuct Mercury (applying)
- Moon conjuct Venus (applying)
- Mercury conjuct Venus (separating)
- Mercury square Jupiter (applying)
- Jupiter receives Mercury

Definitely don’t have a clear understanding of the following:
- Since Sun is in Aries, do I also need to consider placement of Mars in Gemini (L6), as well as it’s square/separating aspects with Moon and Venus? No Sun is a secondary significator, Sun would be used for purpose of gauging out his interest, receptions wise. Focus on primary significators.
- Not really clear on how Mercury’s detriment fall in Jupiter’s sign and Venus’s exaltation should be interpreted, but not good since it’s in a bad state? Or somehow represents his feelings? Mercury in its detriment, he is in bad shape but also because he is in sign of Jupiter. He is in a state of vulnerability. Mercury thinks highly of love and you since, Venus is planet of love and your secondary significator.

- Is Saturn playing a role in L2, due to Sun’s square/applying aspect and Mercury’s sextile/applying aspect to it? Could it represent an issue or third party? Mercury does apply to Saturn first before it applies to Jupiter. this is a communication chart, Saturn represents your inbox, your possession. Mercury applies to Saturn, he will write to you. If this was a relationship question, then Saturn would be considered a planet that prohibits. Saturn however is dignified, its not malefic in its usual sense. Its delays. Plus here you have Moon applying to Mercury, you got an aspect already

- Do terms matter in this chart, with Venus being in first 8 deg of Pisces? yes, when looking at reception
- Sun and Venus in exaltation makes them stronger? Unsure of other meanings related to exaltation? yes, dignity is strong when in exaltation. I would suggest looking at the table of dignities

- Does Moon’s placement in cadent house predict bad outcome? Cadent house is not the best, angular houses give accidental dignity. Moon is peregrine...But Moon is with a benefic plus in 3rd house - house of communication, if Moon is with a benefic that has strong dignity then things usually go more smoothly. Check out Lilly's Aphorisms.. google it or in his book
- Is Moon at critical degree and also pointing to bad outcome? No
- Yet another negative prediction with Moon square/separating from Mars in 6th house? Past aspect shows what happened in the past, unless Mars was a significator, we don't need to look at it.

Thanks again for any assistance!
Its good that you are making an good effort to learn horary... well done. Even people who have been here many years, still can't read charts or they read them incorrectly.

We need to look at receptions, is he interested? Mercury in sign of Jupiter, you. Yes he does like you. So that makes it easier for us to assume if you write to him, he will be less likely to reject. Is there an aspect? Yes Moon here is closely conjunct Venus exalted benefic... then goes to Mercury - there is contact.

But what I am wondering why Jupiter is in detriment of Mercury and so is Moon? Moon exalts Venus. Its like you are more focused on romance than him in particular... perhaps there is more backstory to this? Mer is also conjunct Neptune, which suggests he is a bit confused in life and not very expressive.

I've answered your questions above in Bold. Hope this helps!


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