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Re: Will this Rahu mahadasha be any good?

Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post

Your Rahu is the atmakaraka planet. In such a position that it is will bring some challenges in respect to you yourself &your personal life.

I wonder what has transpired in that direction around Nov 2015 following?

Originally Posted by lamk1861 View Post
Thank you for the reply sir. Well Nov 2015 brought in some changes. An old associate in the business, a lady who was a friend and manager. She suddenly left and backstabbed me in a way. That was a change which I now feel was for the better.
Sir, will the coming antar dashas bring in better days? As in, financially and family life wise.
Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post
Yes, I saw a dissapointment at the mentioned.

Rahu atmakaraka in the 7th. house show dissapointment & cheating from partners/business partners to you become attached/trusted, and career issues being in the 10th. from Arudha Lagna.

This event has added more responsilbility on your shoulders.

I wonder if you should have been cautious from Oct & Dec 2015 in this regard!
Such problems may also arise from a love of experiment& the like.

Originally Posted by lamk1861 View Post
Thank you sir for specifying that.
Yes, a lot more responsibility is there on me now. Mental tensions and the desire to make more and more, which is not fructifying.

You think the coming years will be better? As in, will I be able to get my own home and a cushion to fall back on in rainy days?
Originally Posted by lamk1861 View Post
Yes sir. You got it spot on!
And after that, things have become good at home. Business wise, a little slow but that can be attributed to the general reasons.
You think the coming days will see some of these tensions being alleviated or Rahu will keep its mischief on till the end of the mahadasha?

Thank you so much Sir!

Concentrate on career & finances for a year and a half; stay away from partnership nd 7th. house matters till then.

Though profession and finances will be slow for now, but you will get somewhere nice with a good grip if you work as mentioned.

Good luck,

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