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Re: Will this Rahu mahadasha be any good?

Current dasa is Saturn in Rahu from February/2014 to December/2016. It indicates that you will face deceit. There would be changes in life and profession. You will be more closely involved with your work. You may not be unhappy with your financial status during this period. Matters relating to children and married life would be on your mind. Obstruction in profession could be experienced in this period.
The sub-period of Mercury starts from December/2016 and lasts till June end/2019. Children will take more of your attention in this period. You may be worried on their account and may feel a certain sense of disappointment with regard to them. This period may disturb your health and some discomfort in your stomach would be felt. This appears to be a far more fortunate period than that of Saturn. You may feel that spiritual matters are taking some time of yours in this span of time.
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