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Re: Will this Rahu mahadasha be any good?

Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post
Yes, I saw a dissapointment at the mentioned.

Rahu atmakaraka in the 7th. house show dissapointment & cheating from partners/business partners to you become attached/trusted, and career issues being in the 10th. from Arudha Lagna.

This event has added more responsilbility on your shoulders.

I wonder if you should have been cautious from Oct & Dec 2015 in this regard!
Such problems may also arise from a love of experiment& the like.

Firstly I didn't want to tell you directly, but show you by timing an event what your kind of Rahu does.

Also wanted to know (if you read above) should have been cautious from Oct & Dec 2015? What transpired since then personal life wise in this regard?

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