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Re: Will this Rahu mahadasha be any good?

Originally Posted by lamk1861 View Post
Hello members, I am a learner of astrology and have always been interested in it. Tried to learn on my own, consulted with many astrologers.
I wish to know how my rahu mahadasha will go. I am in my Rahu Mahadasha since 7 years now. It has been alright with no significant rises in my life or career. I have always heard that Rahu period is full of turmoil etc. I had been told by an astrologer that my rahu period will go well and will be the best period of my life. I have a pharma business but have always been interested in stock markets and research on my own time. Never have gained much from it though.
Members, do you think my Rahu period will be any good from the next antar dasha of Rahu-Mercury or again just like that period.
My children also concern me. My son has become 27 but yet to settle in life or start earning. Martial life has not been that great. I am a short tempered person who is very emotional but not many people understand me.
I am wearing a diamond in the middle finger, an emerald in the ring finger and a cats eye in the little finger.
Please members, can you tell me what the coming dasha holds for me?

Date : 18 06 1961
Place : 85 E 50' 00" 20 N 30' 00"
Time : 10-40 pm

thank you in advance
Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post

Your Rahu is the atmakaraka planet. In such a position that it is will bring some challenges in respect to you yourself &your personal life.

I wonder what has transpired in that direction around Nov 2015 following?

Originally Posted by lamk1861 View Post
Thank you for the reply sir. Well Nov 2015 brought in some changes. An old associate in the business, a lady who was a friend and manager. She suddenly left and backstabbed me in a way. That was a change which I now feel was for the better.
Sir, will the coming antar dashas bring in better days? As in, financially and family life wise.

Yes, I saw a dissapointment at the mentioned.

Rahu atmakaraka in the 7th. house show dissapointment & cheating from partners/business partners to you become attached/trusted, and career issues being in the 10th. from Arudha Lagna.

This event has added more responsilbility on your shoulders.

I wonder if you should have been cautious from Oct & Dec 2015 in this regard!
Such problems may also arise from a love of experiment& the like.

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