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Solar Return charts


If you are eager to learn astrology then the best place to start is with your birth chart. My astrological interpretation website guides you through basic chart interpretation in six steps:

Once you understand the basics of your birth chart interpretation, you can use the same technique on your Solar Return chart. The Solar Return chart is a chart drawn up for the exact time when your Sun makes its yearly return to the position it was on at your birth. So you have a different Solar Return chart every year, but the Sun is always at the same sign and degree. Solar Return charts can be created at under "Free Horoscopes" "Extended Chart Selection".

If you decide, instead, you would rather have someone give their interpretation of your life (which is what paid astrologers do), you can contact any astrologer and they will tell you exactly what they need to do your chart reading.

Wishing you good luck on your astrological journey,

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