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Re: 8th House and Occult Studies!!!

Originally Posted by midi View Post
We know that the 8th House relates to Mysteries, Sudden jolting events, Hidden Talents, Secrets etc. When someone has a prominent 8th House, It is said that he/she has a grreater chance getting success in Occult Studies.
However, I have Jupiter[3L+6L] and Moon[10L] in the 8th House(Taurus), both in Rohini with no direct aspects from any grahas. I am very much interested in Occult Philosophy and its practical uses. So I would like to know whether I possess the capability to get success in these fields or not??
Can anyone shed some light??

P.S. : I have Mercury @10.58 in Virgo in the 12th (Another house related to unseen realms) with direct aspect from retro Mars[2L+7L](in 6th[Pisces]) and Saturn[4L+5L] (3rd [Saggi]).

General TRUTH for most of us in the lifetime given (gifted?) to us by God:

Potentials are many given to us, but even Rome got built brick-by-brick: a time and effort-consuming path beginning with the first step!

Navel-gazing sounds so much more attractive, and easy to master, WAY more than crystal-gazing! Metaphorically, of course! ;-)

Love, Light, Perspiration!

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