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Good Astrology Software - Can you help?

Hello All,

My name is Jonathan Garrett and I am the Business Relationship Manager for Market Analyst Software ( & Before I type any further I want to clarify that this post is not in any way a “sales” post, rather I am doing some research and was hoping for some insights from you.

Let me explain our background. Market Analyst produces charting software for traders of financial markets (shares, futures, currencies etc). Market Analyst is sold around the world, mainly to “mum & dad” investors who trade their own money.

Market Analyst is very well known globally for the “Gann” and “Astrology” editions (WD Gann was a famous trader in the early 1900’s who pioneered much of the work on financial astrology, (let me know if you would like a CD that we created about his life)). Market Analyst also works closely with a large number of the world’s best financial astrologers.

We have just completed a tremendous amount of work, furthering the area of financial astrology in software. In two months time we will be releasing the work we have just completed. The work includes Natal Chart studies, a 3D ephemeris that highlights important aspects, even simple scans that can identify important aspects in any selected period of time (

Now that we have completed this work, we asked ourselves if portions of what we have created would be useful not just to financial astrologers, but to the general astrology audience. Hence my research begins. I have listed a number of questions below. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I thank you all for your time.

1. Is there much software choice available specifically for astrology?
2. Does the software currently available fulfil all of your needs?
3. If not, what sorts of things are missing?
4. Are there any specific things you would like to see in astrology software that is not currently available?
5. Is visual graphics in astrology software important to you?
6. Does current astrology software provide you with visual excellence?
7. What are the average prices for the most common astrology software packages?
8. What do you think is a fair price for a good astrology software package?
9. If a new astrology software package became available offering excellence in visual graphics and highly detailed astrology studies, would you consider purchasing it?
10. Is there anything else you feel I should know?

Thank you again,

Jonathan Garrett
Business Relationship Manager
Market Analyst Software
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