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Re: Rsp Rishi Rahul & kshantaramji...

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Last but not least i sense a calm before the storm my Saturn MD/Ketu sub period fast approaches I believe it will start in September 2020..just curious will this period give both effect of natal ketu (in Gemini in Mula nakshatra) and transit ketu which during the duration of this period transit ketu will be in scorpio over natal Sun+Mars+Mercury..please pls let me know what I can expect in this one year period of ketu sub period and please suggest me the remedy now so that I dont have to bother you then ji �� ��

Sorry for the long post

Sat-ketu placed 6/8 from each other at conflict, ketu over gemini 4th, the interpretation for which is already known, including pain-injury-surgery; not much to worry as ketu is alone and good for analytical aptitudes, not to over do it.

ketu transit sun-mars-mer scorpio 9th year end, already mentioned earlier, research-occult aptitudes, distant travels, distancing from father, pain-injury-surgery urological-heart-stomach-skin-piles inflammations to care;

you have been performing remedies for all planets practically, which please continue without overindulging with analytical ketu gemini and confusing yourself time and again;

rahu transit taurus 3rd good for initiative and progress and love of food and comforts, while need to avoid impulsiveness and excessive risk taking;

wishing you well.
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