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Actually my health has been bad for a while since 2020 started I have been very sick and hospitals etc.. but past few days very bad I am running from hospital to hospital trying to get diagnosis and treatment but they cannot figure out what is wrong with me! Also causing me alot of stress and main symptoms are related to my chest(heart/lungs) area and digestive stomach and also ears are involved..All the blood tests are showing some type of infection...can you please take a look at my chart and pls suggest some remedy/will I have any hospitalization or chance for surgery etc..when will this get better?.. Also on April 7 2020 my maternal grandmother suddenly passed away leaving my mother in severe distress 😞 and also every single day there is physical domestic fights and quarrels in my family household.. 😢
Wanted to give a small update I just got discharged from the hospital today i was very fortunate to have a wonderful compassionate doctor and he gave me treatments still could not diagnose me he believes the problem is some sort of inflmation/infection in th lungs chest area and stomach area..also there was a huge physical domestic violence at home between me parents and siblings....
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