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Originally Posted by PurpleReign View Post
Thank you so much!

Well, if we were considering her to be 5th from his 7th or 5th from his 5th, would the chart indicate he still has feelings for her? I have a hunch, but I suppose I could be wrong.

As for the chart, I thought only early and late degrees indicates the chart was not likely to be accurate. Why would the chart not be reliable in this case?

Yeah, emotional connection is...a common issue with us the last 3-4 weeks. I will tell you via PM tomorrow. I was starting to write you (typing my response in my notes lol), but got exhausted. I plan on finishing up my PM to you during my work break tomorrow because I wanted it to be detailed.

Thanks again and I will talk with you soon!

Hey PR Looking forward to it!

Yeah. I just copied this from Anthony Luis. However, Hellenistic astrologers used elections, not horary charts. There are some historical disagreements. Anyway, this explains it:

“Horary astrologers are familiar with the advice of William Lilly (1647):

“All the ancients that have wrote of questions do give warning to the
astrologer, that before he deliver judgement he should consider whether the
figure is radical and capable of judgement. The question then shall be taken
for radical, or fit to be judged, when the lord of the hour at the time of
proposing the question, and erecting the figure, and the lord of the ascendant
or first house, are of one triplicity, or be one, or of the same nature.”

Other than this “consideration before judgment” astrologers of the Lilly school rarely take into account the planetary hour or the day ruler as part of their delineation. In Hellenistic times such was not the case.”

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