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Re: Is he over his ex?

Hey PR:

I just happened to see your post. I hope you get feedback from others, but I'm bored and can't help myself, so I'm replying .

First, there is no harmony between the planetary hour and your chart, so it won't be very accurate if you go by traditional horary astrology.

Second, if she were your first house, the answer is a resounding "NO." However, I would say it's the fifth from his 7th, unless he's "still married to her" or something to that effect. Personally, I would say it's the 5th from the 5th. But in this situation, I wouldn't look at the chart that way but use a planet as a natural significator, and seems to work well enough, although does too.

Anyway, if you want to consider her as the first house, the answer is most certainly "no" because is burned. is in very bad shape. Cadent, retrograde, etc. If this is you, then yeah, you are suffering quite a bit here. If this is the "X," then she is suffering and he is not, so the answer is no for the latter.

On the bright side, the and are making exceptional receptions with each other. That's mutual receptions, e.g., exaltation, term and exaltation, etc. That would be you and your love interest. There is no emotional connection, however. You could say it's exceptional on a superficial level.

Your feelings will find a low point, however, in six days from now. And again, the prohibits and from connecting. It appears, that your emotional and mental condition will cause some kind of issue to occur between you and your love interest as the prohibits from joining with the ruler of the 7th house. Regardless, due to the exceptional receptions occurring between and the , it will be enough to overcome what is to happen in a weeks time.

You might want to see other's input here, however. I don't believe this is the most accurate chart for the situation.

Hope this helps,

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