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hope helps pick clues :

virgo-mer 7th badhaka for pisces asc,
stress-delays in marriage-vocation;

badhaka mer over scorpio 9th,
stress-delays in luck-education-travels;

sun-mars-mer passionate scorpio 9th for luck-children,
luck after marriage but under stress-delays;
square aspect from jupiter over scorpio;
mars/mer 9th settling at 28/32+

Nov 5 jup enters own sag 10th for career-advisory roles;
jup trine aries 2nd for family/marriage-finances;
trine leo 6th for health-employment;

19yrs sat dasa now, sat own cap 11th for
income-gains-friendships, gains from old people, old friends;
from technology-mining-mechanics-

sat-mer dasa now, mer lord 7th for marriage;
mer scorpio and sat cap sextile supportive of each other;

lords 1/7 jup-mer square over leo-scorpio, friendly signs,
hence compatible though some challenge in the relationship;

venus lord 9th for luck from moon;
sat elevated aspect over venus-libra 8th for sudden gains;
venus karaka for marriage-wife;
recite shreesooktam fri evenings;

sat next moves to natal sat cap 11th for income-gains n
friendships/relationship 2yrs later; sat dasa;

ketu represents pain-injury-surgery,
has been transiting natal planets moon-sat-rahu so far,
and next will move over sun-mars-mer-venus-jup in sequence,
hence chances of pain-injury-surgery will continue further,
1.5yr in each sign ahead; recite Ganesha Stotra regularly;
may every month donate 125gms white til to Lord Ganesha wed mornings;

hope gives an idea of what the planets have to say,
being patient for job, marriage, children;
light cow ghee diya daily morning for jup leo for saint of faith,
considered weak for marriage/children, simhasth guru,
while jup is also ascendant lord weak in the 6th for health,
commanding attitude towards opponents vs conciliatory approach;
aptitude for admin, medicine, etc

wishing well, kshantaram[/QUOTE

Thank you 😊 🙏 ji I really appreciate it just some feedback and followup short questions (sorry I know its neverending &#128529 can you pls kindly give response brief is ok;

.I offered 1.25 kg white till to Lord Ganeshji (along with red flowers) i split the quantity of till and offered to Ganeshji, Lord Vishnu and Maa Durga However it gets nightfall early where I live so I did all of the above two hours after sunset on Wednesday that ok?

.I will offer the 1.25 kg urad dal to Sai temple Thursday, just curious would Thursday be ok to do this remedy as lagna Pisces Jupiter etc (as Natal Saturn is in Capricorn)

.Also going to offer the 1.25 kg black rai mustard seeds, would just like to know which day would be better should I offer it to Sai baba on Thursday evening or should I offer it to Maa Durga on Saturday after sunset?

Thank you so much ji 🙏 🙏

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