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yes, donate at temple; sun lord 6th for extra efforts for luck,
donate 1.25kg wheat alongwith; mars own sign no remedy required;
while nothing wrong if you donate voluntarily seeking blessings at temple!
Thank you ji 🙏 I am doing the same with your blessings! Thank you for your kind words talking to you I feel relaxed like I am getting mental therapy, sorry If I am asking too many questions I am doing that as it verifies exactly what is going on in my pathetic life I actually have a couple more kindly please do give a brief answer sir maybe you already gave it to me before and can highlight it for me

.I have had two minor surgeries this year one on my right foot toe and one on my left foot toe and it looks like I will be having another minor one on my right foot big toe again (to remove a stubborn wart from under toe) and also a minor surgery in my nose (ENT) for nasal congestion also coming up soon..While I am thankful the procedures are minor im just wondering how long this will continue cause I do have a minor brain tumor and that might also need surgery along with the minor surgeries im also getting constant injuries like cuts and bleeding and also injuring my head randomly (you did mention pain-injury-surgery)

.Can you please let me know what planet is blocking my unfortunate love life which is not allowing me to have any physical or emotional relationships till date..ive been told multiple things one was is because ketu is in gemini which represnets kiss? and the other was Saturn is aspecting Venus thus dening love/romance/intimacy etc?.. (Been told by western astrologer that its because Venus Square Saturn?) I have siblings and cousins born 10 years after me who already experienced all of this 😭 😢

Last question I swear! Is there any chance that I will ever have any children, I dont want to be having children late in life either..But I waa also told multiple things that my 5th lord is in 12th house of losses, inimical etc, and Saturn aspecting 5th house and also my Saptamsa lagna is afflicted with Saturn-Ketu combination...

So sorry for bombarding you with questions and questions but I feel so good and relaxed after speaking to you 🙏 😊
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