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Re: First meeting chart, anything significant?

Yes, very active synastry!
I am very interested in a more objective view of the synastry as well. I had just asked about the even chart because there is less information circulating that I can research on my own. However any insights into either are much appreciated as I think my personal evaluation and judgment is clouded.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you ask about Chiron feeling alive in the relationship. Pluto is VERY prominent.

Our physical communication is very intimate, intense, emotional and even a little violent. It feels like we communicate best without speaking. A very intuitive almost telepathic bond. The verbal communication is challenged when it comes to personal things but lively and enjoyable when talking about work or travel and other impersonal things.

I feel a deep curiosity and need to explore this relationship, but I have NO idea where it's going or where I even want it to go. I feel like I don't have control over it, I just have to experience it.

I feel like he very consciously has barriers up to protect his independence but that leaves me feeling unsure of how he feels. I think we both try to downplay the deep internal effects because of the deep vulnerability that's triggered.

This relationship has already transformed me because it's the first time I have been sexually active with someone I wasn't married to. I feel like my previous belief system (that had already been eroding) just completely came down. I have felt no guilt over it though, just a deep peace that this is what I need to experience.

Help me decipher this! Is this one sided or just as penetrating for him? Does this burn out or are we in this for the long haul? Is it a happy union or am I being drawn into something dark?
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