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Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
You will not agree to do what is already mentioned,
like to raise new counter suggestions only,

if you like, may donate 1.25kg each
whole black uraddal, white til, rai, chanadal, whole green moong, white rice,
at Saibaba/saint temple thurs evening after sunset;
Thanks so much Guruji can you pls take a glance at these very important problems I am having below as they are really havoc in my life completley

6. One major problem I have sir is SEVERE OBESITY which the doctors cannot seem to figure out why despite normal diet etc any astro reason for this and maybe some remedy..I did get diagnosed with a small tumor on my pituitary goand in the brain so this might be one cause...

7. Another problem I developed this year sir is decreased sexual desire maybe because I never had any oppurtunity for this activity could this be from Venus placement etc?.. I dont care about marriage at this point I would like to have a love/sexual relationship/is this denied to me? I would like to have children but I think thats also not in my destiny..

8. One major problem I developed since last year and half sir is severe anxiety and depression, something I never had before despite going through so many difficulties in life..any reason for this and some remedy please...

9. You are spot on ji I have severe stomach digestive problems like severe slow digestion and stomach upset on daily basis please please suggest me remedy for this as this is also a major problem im suffering from and now its affecting my whole digestive tract from food pipe to intestines and sadly no matter how many medical tests I go through they all come back normal?!

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