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Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
reyrmail :

Sat-ketu now 1.5yr overlap transit rahu sag 10th, rise-fall,
detachment from career; pain-injury-surgery; life-reversal;

natal ketu gemini 4th, hyper-analytical,
good at information processing;
detachment from mother-motherland-property;
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-chest etc;
recite Ganesh Stotra regularly;

rahu sag impulsive, ambitious to soar higher in career, but loner;
light mustard oil diya
for saint of faith on thurs mornings;

Nov 5 jup enters own sag 10th for career-advisory roles;
jup trine aries 2nd for family-finances;
trine leo 6th for health-employment;
light cow ghee diya sun mornings;
prayers to saint of faith, say saibaba, offer yellow flowers sun mornings;

19yrs sat dasa now, sat own cap 11th for gains through
mechanics, mining, event management, old friends, old people etc;
sat debilated aries navamsa good for gains through social work;
prone to arms-shoulders-ear-knee issues;
sat transit sag 10th, rise-fall in career;
light til oil diya tues evenings;

hope this helps and clarifies, wishing well;

Again, suggest make best use of available information n remedies
beginning somewhere;

Thanks so much! Can I do any remedy with Urad dal, mustard seeds rai and white till cause I feel like this saturn-rahu-ketu triangle is killing me
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