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Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
reyrmail :

Asc lord jup over leo 6th, liver-diabetes issues, commanding attitude;
aptitude for admin-advisory roles;
light ghee diya daily morning for saint of your faith;

rahu sag impulsive, ambitious to soar higher in career, but loner;
light mustard oil diya
for saint of faith on thurs mornings;

19yrs sat dasa now, sat own cap 11th for gains through
mechanics, mining, event management, old friends, old people etc;
sat debilated aries navamsa good for gains through social work;
prone to arms-shoulders-ear-knee issues;
light til oil diya tues evenings;

Moon acq compatible with moon acq, cap,
Satabhisha nakshatra surrounded by doctors,
tense consciousness though bold outside;
nakshatra pooja;
at Ayappa temple. done at negligible low cost

venus lord 9th for luck from moon;
sat elevated aspect over venus-libra 8th for sudden gains;
venus karaka for marriage-wife;
recite shreesooktam fri evenings;

wishing well, kshantaram

have removed the gems!
retained non-gem remedies already mentioned earlier?
Thanks so much unfortunatley I dont have a temple shrine in my house due to privacy reasons I live in a tiny room can you please suggest me a remedy for this rahu-ketu overlap transit in which transit rahu is transiting over natal ketu in 4th gemini and transit Saturn and Transit Ketu is transiting over natal Rahu in 10th saggitarius to which Jupiter will join in a few days
Please help me cause i feel like im going to die or something
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