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Re: Rsp Rishi Rahul & kshantaramji...

Originally Posted by vishnunarayan View Post
i thank you so much for responding! Yes sir like i said before i am a big fan of yours from last several years finally had the courage to seek help from you i love your deep detailed style of reading its spectacular almost like you are reading the person like an open book i have a few questions i am going to put them in numerical form below just because i find it easier to write it that way..

1. Can you please provide me the regular donating the grains in temples or flowing in the river remedies because i cannot afford gemstones and wearing any type of jewelery gives my skin allergies..

Non-gem alternate remedies already suggested throughout

2. A curious question lets say you suggest a remedy for a planet that is placed natally but at the same time that planet is giving bad results in transit; is it better to do the remedy for the planet in its natal place or current transit place? (etc should the day and time of the remedy be according to natal placement or transit placement) for example: Ketu natal in gemini but giving bad result in transit saggitarius should the remedy be done on wednesday or thursday?..

Remedies already suggested thoughtfully, focus on natal planets to attack root cause.

3. This big mess thats going on in my kendras 4th and 10th house where transit rahu is transiting over natal ketu in 4th with no benefic aspect...and transit ketu and transit saturn are transiting over natal rahu in 10th house with aspect from natal jupiter from 6th house...can you please suggest me remedy for this massive transit and any chance it will become better once jupiter transits to 10th house on november 5?..

Transits interpreted and remedies suggested

4. All your details given are true sir i have provided the feedback they are very accurate! I had feet problems this year which i never had i had a minor surgery on my left toe in april 2019 and a minor surgery on my right toe to remove a wart in october 2019 still recovering from this and it seems like i will be having a nasal (ent) minor surgery soon too!

5. Can you pls suggest me some remedy to be free from loans i am in extreme debt in student loans i had taken to earn my bachelors degree and i have been jobless for over a year so cant pay them

hope jup transit own sag trine natal jup leo 6th helps with
employment, midcourse march-june 020 effectively

6. One major problem i have sir is severe obesity which the doctors cannot seem to figure out why despite normal diet etc any astro reason for this and maybe some remedy

asc lord jup over leo 6th for health could be causing obesity/diabetes etc
light ghee diya daily morning for saibaba

7. Another problem i developed this year sir is decreased sexual desire maybe because i never had any oppurtunity for this activity could this be from venus placement etc?.. I dont care about marriage at this point i would like to have a love/sexual relationship/is this denied to me? I would like to have children but i think thats also not in my destiny..

sun-mars-mer scorpio passionate, jup transit scorpio past one year passionate and research-occult interests; jup now enters philosophical sag 10th conjunct sat trine natal jup leo not conducive for marriage.

Light cow ghee diya daily morning as said;

lords 1/7 jup-mer over leo-scorpio friendly signs conducive for relationship/marriage, jup transit scorpio could have done the job?

8. One major problem i developed since last year and half sir is severe anxiety and depression, something i never had before despite going through so many difficulties in life..any reason for this and some remedy please...

Rahu-ketu overlapping transits causing life reversals,
ketu gemini hyper-analytical; rahu sag ambitious and impulsive
wanting to soar high in life.

9. You are spot on ji i have severe stomach digestive problems like severe slow digestion and stomach upset on daily basis please please suggest me remedy for this as this is also a major problem im suffering from and now its affecting my esophagus (food pipe)

asc lord jup over leo 6th for health issues, liver-heart-stomach-intestinal etc; light cow ghee diya.

Mer badhak over scorpio 9th, urological issues
float 1.25kg whole green moongdal over clean flowing river
tues after sunset, with prayers at mahakali temple;
sun lord 6th for health over scorpio too;

10. Last but not least sir i feel like i am the victim of black magic or evil eye because some external forces made me almost have a heart attack and quit my job on june 1 2018 and since then i have been unemployed no matter how hard i try i cannot seem to get a job i just want and need a part time job

ketu transit sag-rahu 10th for career; recite ganesh strotra regularly;

sorry i wrote so much but its because i really look up to you and i love your detailed and descriptive readings its like a form of counseling or therapy for severe depression

suggest make use of available information and take remedial actions with faith n patience; hope jup transit own sag 11th from moon for gains helps with leadership-advisory roles months ahead!

Wishing well, kshantaram

om shri ganeshaya namaha
om shri sainathaya namaha
om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim.....
Jai mata mahakali
om shri shaneishwaraya namaha
Donate to your Delight!!!
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