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Re: Development

Originally Posted by wilsontc
Since you have most of the planets in your Solar Return focused in the bottom right of your chart, this year is about using what you know about your inner world to develop relationships with others.
Thank you for anwsering at first but your approach seems to be new to me. Usually I just read the aspects between the transits to the natal planets. Is there any significance to read the planets in house positions/ quarters in solar return chart itself? Or the aspects of the planets in solar return itself? I thought it'd have some meanings but how does it affect personally? Any suggested readings?

While there are more transiting planets on the top left on my natal chart (2nd chart I made). Would the influences just reverse?

Originally Posted by wilsontc
As you mention, having transiting (planets in the sky) Uranus (friends) conjuncting Venus (relationships) is also adding to the focus on relationships issues.
How about the Jupitar transit to my natal 7th house Uranus?

p.s. To: moderators, sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Thanks for moving it. ops:
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