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Re: Does the 5th or 8th house in Horary rule sex?

Originally Posted by Iced8Ace View Post
They're modern astrologers. For many centuries I think, the 5th house was taken for sex, children, lovemaking etc for natal and horary.

Here's a link on the 5th houses significations:

8TH HOUSE Associations– The house of sex, death, taxes • Joint resources, personal transformation, through trust, intimacy,
• Sharing, resources emotional, financial, sexual • Obligations with others- taxes, debt etc • Death- experiences, initiations, passages, transformation • shared resources, taxes, finance, joint finances, inheritance, wills, death, endings, • Union/Love, emotional bonds, betrayal, grief, rage, jealousy, fear, • Depth understanding, • Loss, decay, anxiety, legacies, testaments, consolidation, withdrawal, re-evaluation, acceptance of loss, letting go.
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