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Re: Psychic indicators in Natal Charts

Originally Posted by GemwDepth View Post
Thank you Witchyone. What you describe does sound a bit like a Gemini. Its difficult to separate everything we have inside of us -plus I also believe things do work cohesively together.

I've only observed Mercury / Pluto from an observer's standpoint, but I can imagine even if I was an owner, much of it will happens so fast in the subconscious that I personally would have a hard time explaining how a particular mechanism work. And then to separate it from everything else from a chart -wheww!. Thank you though.
You're welcome. I agree. It's difficult, if not impossible, to tease out singular energies in a chart.

Yes, the predicting what someone is about to say and what they mean by it is all completely subconscious and instantaneous. It was interesting for me to attempt to describe it because I hadn't really thought of it as a thing I do until I saw you describe it. I also went into detail about the downside of it, but it's really a positive quality most of the time. People who operate the same way I do and people whose thoughts I can't predict really stand out from the crowd, for very different reasons.
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