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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Thank you Raven for your reply.

The Pluto/asc is powerful and does trigger insecurities in some people. So far only in men.

I have never thought about mercury squaring the nodes before. Being heard was (is) a big part of the trauma for me. For a while I wrote several theses about child sexual abuse and interviewed victims, because I wanted to give these peopple 'a voice', something I didn't have. I also help administrate an internet forum where abuse victims support each other, and write about the abuse. I have learned from working with abuse victims that there is a common theme of voice and being heard. Everyone of them told adults about the abuse, said no etc. but no one listened. And they still don't feel 'heard' by society. Not being heard also keeps the abuse going. Maybe there are mercury aspects with ongoing/reapeated abuse? (In addition to 'abuse aspects')

I feel that the fact that my parents and other adults didn't listen to me when I told them about the abuse was as bad as the abuse itself. I still struggle with situations where I feel like I am not being heard.
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