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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

I find this thread very interesting. I was sexually abused for ten years, and would like to show my chart as well as my abusers chart as a reference to what have been discussed so far.

The t-square between my virgo sun, sagittaurus mars/moon/uranus conjunction and gemini chiron was activated by pluto in sagittaurus at the time, and the abuse lasted most of this transit. My chiron is opposite the moon, in the 8th house.

When saturn entered virgo at my birthday and activated these points in 2007 I started the healing process. (this transit was much worse than saturn return)

In my case it was mostly a power struggle. There was nothing 'sexual' about the sexual abuse, it had more to do with my abuser trying to break me psychologically. I guess he underestimated my resilience.

My abuser (stepfather, I don't know his birth time) is a pisces whose sun squares my neptune, his saturn conjuncts my sagittaurus conjunction (depending on the orb) His neptune is conjunct my asc/pluto conjunction, his chiron is conjunct my IC (I was abused in my home), he has pluto square mars, where mars conjuncts my true node and pluto conjuncts my mercury, his moon/jupiter is conjunct my libra. When pluto transited sag (and he abused me) it conjoined his saturn and squared his pisces sun, mercury and libra. I guess there are even more things to look at, this is the first time I've looked at it.

As for the love part, my husband is a gemini whose sun is conjunct my chiron and activates the t-square.

Thank you for this topic.
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