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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Thank you for your feedback, Calvinsmom. Your post motivated me to revisit the chart of a man I once knew - he was a friend of a friend. When he opened up about his childhood I was horrified by what he told me - alcoholic mother who neglected him (and who had sex with strangers in full view of him when he was 6-7), combined with a father who physically, emotionally and sexually abused him - often, and with severe levels of violence. His early life was the classic case of a combination of neglect on the one hand, and overt violent abuse on the other. It amazed me that he made it to adulthood, although he has struggled with drug abuse and alcoholsim. His saving grace was meeting a young woman who became his nurturer/protector, and then had a child with him - a girl. This provided him with much-needed love, which had been missing from his life until then.

His chart always fascinated me - Chiron in Pisces opposing Moon-Pluto (in close conjunction), and if that isn't enough, he also has a T-square formed by Sun-Neptune opposition, both squaring Mars in Leo. It's all there, just in those two planetary arrangements. Oh, and Saturn also opposes Mars, but is not in close enough orb to form a fixed Grand Cross with Neptune-Sun.

With your Chiron-Moon-Pluto all being in close and hard relationship, your background may have been something you have had to experience, and then transcend. Well done for your success.

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