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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

This interpretation of Pluto in the third house refers to abuse:

'Sometimes these individuals have been made to feel intellectually inferior either by intense criticism as a child or they may have had an undiagnosed specific learning disorder such as dyslexia where they felt their peers were laughing at their inabilities. These early experiences have a lasting affect on their own self belief.

Another issue these individuals might have faced was dealing with some type of abuse as a child and not being believed by adults. As well as this there may be issues about being forced to keep quiet over abuse and being silenced by adults.

They may also have experienced trauma [in] which they were unable to talk about either because of the intensity of the experience or because they were made to feel guilty or made themselves feel guilty about doing so such as talking about the death of a parent in case they upset the surviving parent.'

Intriguing. What do we make of this?
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