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Re: aspects and singing talent

I'm a professional singer and I have Taurus (Venus) ruling my tenth house. My Moon and Chiron are also closely conjunct my MC, so perhaps there's a lot of emotion expressed there! Libra (Venus) rules my third house of course, and I have powerful Pluto in there as well. I have neptune in the 5th ruled by Sag, which I've been told is is very good for performing, and Venus is placed in my 6th house. My ascendant and north node are in Leo. My mercury is in Pisces. I wish I played an instrument, as I do struggle with musical theory and writing my own music, but I have a good ear, and I've done well with my voice...likely more to do with acting ability and stage presence. I hope that helps...

Also, I did the chart of a very successful singer-songwriter recently, and if I remember correctly, she had a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio MC with Neptune and Mars in her tenth, and Aries ruled her 3rd of course (gifted with composition and stories and a very strong and powerful voice).

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