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Re: Reading Vocation in Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post

(I can make mistakes, so don't take it too seriously)

10th house is what you're known for. (reputation and status.)
It can shows what job can fit you. But others houses and rulers are importants to..
MC capricorn tell that you are someone really ambitious, practical and realistic about work and public image, able to plan, do some strategy, lead, etc... But your 10th house ruler is Saturn in 12th house. So, your carreer should be related to 12th house things.. it could be arts, helping people with mental health, or their chronic problems/health issues, something related to water (fishing, pools, etc), or retirements places/things (prisons and hospitals), laboratory/chemistry, psychology, healing, spirituality, writing...

Because Saturn (MC ruler) conjunct your moon, your carreer will involve helping/taking care of other people and make them feel more secure in their lifes.
I think Uranus and Neptune appears in your public image. You can seem like someone innovative, marginal or excentric, individualist, anti conformist.. (uranus traits), or emotionnal, artistic, psychic, mutable, spiritual, etc.. (neptune traits). This Uranus + Neptune conjunction could also be seen as the "internet" generation aspect. By being in your 10th house, it could concern your work.

- 2nd house/2nd house ruler : how you can earn money. Your 2nd house ruler is Venus, in 6th and Virgo. You'll earn Money in a virgo way. (like analysing, planning, focus on details or searching solutions for other, improving things, etc..) Because it's Venus, it could be related to people relationships, or what they value, or how do they look (beauty), harmony, etc.. Or even to 5 senses (example : cooking, sports, music, something you can touch, etc..) /or nature (your 2nd house is Taurus). Taurus + Virgo + rulers in 6th house + MC capricorn is a "very earthy" combination.

- 6th house signs and ruler defines your work environnment, coworkers styles, daily organisation and routines. Your way to focus everyday on your tasks. With Mercury in Libra and 6th house, your job need to be an intellectual job, or have a big part of it (also because you are a virgo). 6th house could be about health, or details, or even sports & nutrition. Libra is about harmony, justice, or relationships, communications, arts....

- Ruler of the ascendant is also very important. It shows what are your main motivations and focus un life (with your sun and moon houses. You're asc ruler is Mars in 7th house. It mean other people are very importants for you. Relating/communications/or helping

Originally Posted by BobZemco View Post

In traditional astrology, we use Mercury, Venus and Mars to determine someone's career or profession. The Midheaven in traditional astrology represents the Native's Dignity, Honor and Preferments.

In modern English, the MC is the Native's ego, status, ability to lead or command, the potential for advancement and promotion, and recognition or awards. So the MC only plays a role in one's career by setting the parameters.

As an example, someone's chart might have a heavy Mars influence, and so we might conclude (along with other factors) that the person is a leader, and then we look to the MC to tell us if this person will be the Chief Executive Officer of a major corporation or merely a low level floor manager at a restaurant or retail store, or perhaps a shop foreperson in an manufacturing facility.

It allows us to distinguish between a teacher, a headmaster and a university professor; between an amateur athlete, an Olympic athlete, a mediocre professional athlete and a professional athlete who receives top pay and many awards; between a street player, a musician in a local band, a studio musician, a mediocre professional musician and a musician who is nationally or world renown and has gold and platinum records/CDs.

After we make a determination for the Significator of Profession, which could be Mercury, Venus or Mars alone, or two of the three together, or even all three could be the Significators of Profession, we look so if we blend that with other Planets who are in aspect with the Significator, and then look to the MC.

One of the things you'll learn is that not everyone was intended to have a career or profession, and you can see that in the chart. What are those people to do? Well, the chart will tell you that too, meaning whether they're "homeless" or drift from menial job to menial job, or they're criminals or "professional students" or they don't have to work because they already have wealth or maybe they're house-wives/house-husbands or something like that.

We direct the MC using Right Ascension by Primary or Converse Motion (clock-wise/counter-clockwise) to see what happens. The aspects made to other Planets and Chart Points tells the story. You might get fired, laid off, promoted, get a new job, get huge raise, receive an award for something you did (and it may or may not be job-related -- it could be a civic award or something as part of social group you belong to).

There's another method popularized by modern astrologer Noel Tyl, called the Midheaven Extension Method, but it requires sound knowledge of traditional astrology concepts, because it is heavily dependent on things like Dispositors, Peregrine Planets, Mutual Reception, Reception, Oriental/Occidental Planets etc. There is no way to use his method without understanding those things. He uses modern concepts like the Aries/Libra Points and Midpoints as well. It also poses some problems for the reincarnation/past-life/karma/soul-mate/alien/channeling/astral body crowd, because if they cannot divorce themselves from that kind of bizarre thinking they'll never interpret the Nodes correctly (and the Nodes are important).

It'll take me a while, but I'll try to post some charts using the traditional methods and maybe try to get into Noel Tyl's method (I think he charges $400 or Euros or whatever).

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