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Unread 12-03-2005, 12:08 AM
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Wow Tim! You rock man! Thank you sir. So any sage advice on Pluto transits?

See Elianah? Its about different communication styles and throw some Merc Rx in there as well!

Thats why I like this forum, so blessed with people who respect one another and share liberally from their perspectives.

Elianah? Teaching will 'fit' you when the time is right for you, just know that others felt the same way I do. You have a talent for the written word and I am not the only one who sees it. I just happened to have a bigger mouth about it is all.


Ok now this tickled me...
I saw some pictures from the event on the boards and my reaction was - Boy are those people OLD..and who are they..I didn't recognize one person.
Thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto transiting your 10th. I am very pleased that Pluto has you 'regenerating' what is worthy and plumbing the depths of your self finding the 'truth'. Again, it takes a brave soul to look that deep, to recognize and to 'own' what's there! Much applause to you sir! May your journey continue to be fruitful and rewarding.

Alright now, thats 2 so far with Pluto transits to the 10th, 1 for the 7th and 3 for its transits to the 1st house. Anyone else care to share insights on Pluto transits?

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