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C1, you hang in there and be true to your 'self'. Its your life to live, your choices to make, your successes or failures, own it! Pluto helped shape who I have become and I like myself a lot better now! Of course there are many other things to consider but I emphasize the Pluto because of such depths it 'touches'. As for the GC thing? Honestly, I dont know if its my limited knowledge of astrology or I simply am not going to be a participant in the event, but I dont get it???? I'm still studying and learning so theres still some time perhaps for me to catch a ride..never know!!

Sorehearted!!!! Gosh, know what passed through my mind when I read your post? You asking for some info about when was a good time to review your resume and resign from the family business. That Pluto transit on the power/guilt learning to be who you are aside and separate from your family. I too, have a very potent 4th house and my 'center' is my family...but is it really? Shouldn't the center of me be me? Dont I deserve to have my own life and path? Maybe I'm wrong but I sensed some similar issues that I have dealt with here. Saturn is currently transiting my 8th house bringing up more or less the same issues that Tim stated in his post (thank you Tim for your very astute interpretation as always!).

Here are my notes on Pluto transit to 8th house..remember its a generic interpretation, take into consideration your own 8th house ruler, aspects, and so on.

PLUTO TRANSITING YOUR 8TH HOUSE (approx. 14-30 years duration)
You may desire more control over security issues during this period. You may feel emotionally or physically threatened through natural disasters or forces beyond your personal control. Sexual drive and appeal is stimulated along with the survival urge. A death may motivate you to take greater precautions. You may be more involved in joint finances, corporate business, insurance, wills, inheritance, taxes, and alimony at this time.

You hang in there too!

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