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Re: Moirai: The Thread of Death

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
From past observation - Death Prediction attracts
antipathy from Modernist Western Tropical practitioners on our forum
however Vedic practitioners seem to consider it routine
past contentious debate on the topic include
shall be interesting if our forum ethos has changed since November 2013
which is when OP discussion began
Haha! Yes! I expect as much. I also expect antipathy toward my typos as I am on an PC that has the worst keyboard imaginable. Extending that, I work/worked with Vedic astrologers and I have some stories to tell. For example, I believe it was a night chart, with many planets combust below the horizon; out of sect and in fall, etc. in to . I warned my boss this guy will threaten me when I tell him that his financial woes will not end anytime soon. He did more than threaten me; he vowed to kill me if he saw me in the street. Incidentally, these were aspects proper and partile. So that can happen with clients sometimes. My boss who was a Vedic practitioner (KP system) said "he needs to get used to the truth." Yeah. I said he'll end up in prison or suffer a violent death by gunfire at some point.

Anyway, that's a tangent. But thank you for the link!
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