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is my ex-friend jealous of me?

my friend whom i inquired about in my last post about our trip to Greece said some very nasty things to me & called me names after I made it clear that I don't want to travel with her for the things she told me. She is a very mean person full of hate and vengeance towards people as I've noticed over the years. She also is very catty, manipulative and downright toxic. I knew about her for years so it is no surprise but I was surprised at the things she told me...I guess she is *utt hurt now that I refused to travel with her.

She seems to be the type to talk **** about everyone....all her friends are gone mostly or don't contact her, she talks horribly about everyone how everyone is a *itch, she absolutely doesn't get along with others. I always felt that she most likely talks **** behind my back too and our friendship has been on and off. I'm glad to have her out especially hearing some of the nasty disgusting things she called me the other day and I kind of pity her having so much venom in her. She thinks that the whole world is jealous of her and that's why people leave her lol...she isn't even good looking at all, has been arrested a few times over theft, lives off by doing illegal things and she told me about it herself, gets used by guys, has a dysfunctional mom who she said sleeps around with all her guy friends half her age although the mom is bound to a wheelchair now over a stroke, so its a person who thinks she's the bomb but she is so far-off from being the bomb and she's so disillusioned.

I was wondering if this ex-friend of mine is jealous of me because she seems to attack my life trying to put me down although quite honestly i live a carefree life most of the time having almost no problems. My life problems involve the few toxic people that I encountered (men and women). She called me desperate yesterday for the fact that i want to have a child when im 35 without marriage as I'm not even involved with anyone but don't want to miss the chance of having a child just because I haven't met anyone. She knows that I've got the support system to realize this for myself without a man and without any problem and she is 38 herself now with no prospects of having a child. She would want a child too, she doesn't have anyone to help her out...she's got no family, her mom is in a wheelchair and she's not even that close to her, she gets used by men left and right, and told me that she can't do it alone, so I suspect that subconsciously she knows that I'm in a better position in life even in this situation, so she even attacked that desire that I have calling me desperate! I wonder what she will call me when she's 65 & all alone and I at least i will have a child/dren....who's gonna be the desperate one amongst us and all alone. I bet she won't think of me as the desperate one then. I found that attack of hers to be very low considering where she is in life.

This started because I went to see a movie with my other friend which we were planning to see together with this crazy one, but because we failed to see it 3 times in a row because of her cancellations, she got pis*ed that I finally saw it but without her a week after....she couldn't let that go. It escalated up to the point where I refused to spend 2 weeks in Greece with her on our planned travel. She's the type who constantly whines, *itches at everything like how horrible everything is...she was going to travel overseas first before me and just packing made her so stressed 2 wks before her trip that that's all I was hearing...she even regretted going on a trip over her stress of packing LOL.....she's a drama queen. I feel like some of her spiteful comments are triggered by her subconscious jealousy of me and I wanted to double check and see if I am right? She recently returned from another trip with other friends and she got blocked by them on social media by being accused of hitting on those friend's married cousin. I only heard her side so I don't know what happened. Sorry to keep this long but I wanted to clearly explain some of her behavior.

Im Merc conjunct asc about to change sign into my rulership in my 1st. Even though she's an ex-friend, she falls into the friend category I suppose...or should I treat her as an enemy using my 7th?
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